Monthly Archives: March 2018

News From the Tower

Bell Fittings Restoration Project

A number of recent donations, added to funds already raised from various sources, has finally enabled the ‘bell fittings restoration project’ to get the go-ahead. This will take place whilst work on the tower is underway and due to start in March. The ‘Heritage Lottery Fund Grant’ includes the cost of lowering the bells to the floor of the bell chamber, and dismantling and removing the wheels and other fittings to facilitate the extensive work on the roof. They would then have been re-instated in their present poor condition. A professional inspection last year revealed considerable wear on bearings from the past seventy years of ringing, and also damage to some of the ‘clappers’ (hammers). It is for this reason that additional funding needed to be raised to replace all the bearings and some of the clappers. The scaffolding, which will encase the tower, will provide the ideal time to remove and replace the bell equipment and most importantly is included in the ‘Lottery Grant’.

The summer of 2018 will hopefully see the culmination of three important projects: the restoration of the tower, the bells and the tapestry, an even which will be well-worth celebrating!

Doug Lowther